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      Mould & Die Solutions

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      Suppliers of quality components to the plastic injection moulding, press tooling and gereral engineering sectors.

      Overnight delivery to all major centers

      Largest array of components for plastic injection moulding:
           VAP standard - Original Spanish Standard
           DME - Genuine DME parts imported from Europe
           Euro Standard - As per for example Hasco

      Specially manufactured non-standard mould parts can also be accommodated.

      For Press Tools we offer:
          Piercing punches
          Die springs
          and Alignment Components

      Harnessing the power and expertise of top international suppliers has enabled us to offer the most comprehensive range of innovative product solutions.  In today's competitive market, we recognise that our customers have the right to expect the following:

      •    Cost effective components which meet expectations for quality and performance

      •    Innovative solutions to simplify and standardise mould making

      •    The widest array of products

      •    Timeous service and delivery

      •    Prompt resolution of any order problems

      •    Technical assistance and advice when required

      •    Friendly and helpful customer service

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