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      Date Stamps - Mould & Die Solutions

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      Date Stamps

      Products > MOULD COMPONENTS > General Mould Components

      Date stamps or inserts are round mold inserts with the capability of indicating different pieces of information depending on what the customer needs. The most common information required is year, month, day, and shift or hour. Typically a date stamp will have an outer ring of information and an inner insert with an arrow pointing to the desired year, month, day, etc.

      We offer the most comprehensive Date Stamp range, not all of which are depicted here. Should you not find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us.

      Date stamps fall into two types:

      • Those with non-replaceable inners (as per our DDS range). These are extremely cost effective, but require the mould to be removed from the moulding machine to replace the entire date stamp at each year end.

      • Date Stamps with removeable inners. Simpler to change at year end, moulds do not need to be removed from the moulding machine - inserts are simply removed with a screw driver and replaced.

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