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      Ejector Pins - Mould & Die Solutions

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      Ejector Pins

      Products > MOULD COMPONENTS > Ejection

      Ejector Pins apply a force to eject a part from the mold, Since in some cases they can leave marks, it is important to give proper forethought to their pacement when designing a mould. Generally, ejector pins are located in the B-side mold half, the side in which the part will stay when the mold opens. Once the mold is opened, the pins extend into the mold cavity, push the part out, and then retract, allowing the mold to close and be refilled.


      Straight Ejectors - Cheese head:

       Straight Ejector Pins - AH        Through Hardened

      Straight Ejector Pins - AB        Bath Nitrided, MoS2 Coated.

       Straight Ejector Pins - A           Bright Nitrided

      Straight Ejectors - Counter-sunk head head:

       Ejector Pins with Counter-sunk head - D       Through Hardened

      Steppped Ejectors:

       Stepped Ejector - CH       Through Hardened

      Blade (Flat) Ejectors:

       Blade (Flat) Ejectors - FK       Through Hardened

       Blade (Flat) Ejectors - FW       Bright Nitrided

       Special Blade Ejectors

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