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      Other Cooling Components - Mould & Die Solutions

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      Other Cooling Components

      Products > MOULD COMPONENTS > Cooling

      Effective cooling of injection moulds is of paramount importance to achieving a short cycle time. Injection moulding process is cyclical in characteristic. Cooling time accounts for  50% to 75% of the total cycle time. Optomising cooling time for best performance is therefore very important for both quality and productivity.

      Cooling time is proportional to square of wall thickness so try to ensure more or less uniform wall thickness throughout the part. Part design should also ensure that the melt flow is uniform in all directions from the gate, and melt should reach the boundaries of the part more or less at the same time.Cooling channel design  (location, size and type)  should ensure that melt freezes uniformly inside the mould.

      We offer a wide range of cooling components. For those not shown individually, please refer to te DME and Progressive catalogues below.


      Click here to see DME's Range

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      to see Progressive Components' Range

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