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      Progressive Components - Mould & Die Solutions

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      Progressive Components


      Progressive components continuously strive to be the leaders in supplying the tooling industry. Based in Illinois, USA, they have a distribution network that extends to all corners of the globe, and are renowned for supplying innovative products that consistantly meet their customer's expectations for quality, value and performance.

      •    Off-the-shelf Standard Components and an increased range of Mould-Ready Components.

      •    Alignment Locks and Plate Sequence Control items, to help keep molds in production.

      •    Standard Lifters and CamActions offered for molding undercuts.

      •    Expanded Mold Monitoring capabilities, from CV cycle counters to CVe Monitors, and the growing CVe Live platform.

      •    Toolroom Supplies and Software that help to advance mold maintenance and repair.

      To go directly to the Progressive website, click on their logo on this page.


      Click here to go to Progressive's "Demo Page", and see animated diagrams of how their components work

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