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      Smartlock Slide Retainer and Limit Switch - Mould & Die Solutions

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      Smartlock Slide Retainer and Limit Switch

      Products > PRE-ENGINEERED COMPONENTS > Limit Switches

      Smartflow Smartlock Retainer and Limit Switch provides a switch and slide indent as one unique package.  The locking function prevents premature slide movement during moulded part ejection while the SPDT switch is simultaneously activated.

      (SPDT: Single Pole double throw switch - One input, two outputs)

      • Reliability tested over 10 million cycles without failure

      • Two or more switches can be used on larger moulds, or moulds with multiple slides

      • Slide position is verified

      • A capture screw holds the plunger in the slide to prevent loss when the "C" version is used.

       Smartlock Slide Retainer and Limit Switch

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