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      SWAP Valves - Mould & Die Solutions

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      SWAP Valves

      Products > PRE-ENGINEERED COMPONENTS > Rapid Mould Changes

      The Smartflow SWAP VALVE supplies cooling water to the mould during processing. Secondly, it supplies air to purge water form the mould, cooling lines, as well as the supply and return manifolds before storage.  A manual vent releases built-up air pressure withing the cooling water loop after purging.



      • Implements SMED by dramatically reducing tool change time

      • Identifies supply lines by noting which manifold is connected to teh SWap Valve

      • Full port design provides maximum cooling water flow with minimum pressure drop

      • Prevents slip hazard by keeping floors dry

      • Prepares injection moulds for preventative maintenance

      • Optional positive locking pin prevents accidental handle movement

      Download the catalogue here:

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