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      Thin Switch - Mould & Die Solutions

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      Thin Switch

      Products > PRE-ENGINEERED COMPONENTS > Limit Switches

      The Global Thinswitch helps prevent accidental mould closure in injection moulds by verifying ejector plate return in injection moulds with 3mm or 4mm rest buttons, and where occasional water or oil spray is present. A polyurethane dome covers the actuator spring, protecting internal gold switch contacts from environmental contamination.


      Features and Benefits:

      • Over 14 million cycle life

      • Can be removed while the mould is in the machine

      • 80 deg.C Standard temperature rating

      • Adjustable actuation between 3.2mm and 4mm from the switch base (excluding spacer)

      • 3mm Thick design fits snugly behind the ejector plate between the rest buttons

      • 1mm Spacer (included) may be used on moulds with 4mm rest buttons

      • Stripped and tinned 2m wire leads

      • Mounting hardware included: M3 x 0.3 screws and bracket

      Global Thin Switch

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