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      Unscrewing Mechanisims - Mould & Die Solutions

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      Unscrewing Mechanisims

      Products > PRE-ENGINEERED COMPONENTS > Moulding Threads and Undercuts

      When internal or external threads are required on a plastic part, unscrewing or rotating core molds are utilised. In order to actuate the rotating cores, different drive systems can be incorporated in the mould design. The action is coordinated with the moulding machine cycle so that extraction occurs when the mold is opened.


      V210CS - Hydraulic Unscrewing Device

      The V210CS cylinders have been designed for actuating threaded cores on plastic injection moulds by integrated racks. The advantage of this solution is the compactness in overall dimensions and the standardisation of all components with consequent price advantage. The unscrewing device can be provided with one or two racks with customized length, and a wide range of modules for actuating one or more cores in one time. Cylinders are available with bores of 32, 40 and 50 mm, and with strokes of 300, 400 and 500 mm.


      Course Pitch Axles

      Course Pitch Axles are available in a number of different sizes, together with corresponding pinion shafts, coarse pitch nuts, gear wheels and other accessories. Movement is actuated by the moulding machine.

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